Episode 17 – Ruurd Priester

Listen to our fascinating new episode of the #21for21 podcast 🚀  🌏  with Ruurd Priester, a social entrepreneur, activist, researcher and strategist.
Ruurd talks with Marco and Carola about the stack of crises, doughnut economics and how he thinks we should transform (the) design (field) for good.
  • 🎤  Most designers are in fact not designers, because they are working in the current or old economic models. And designers solve problems, and the old economic models are in fact the problem…
  • 🎤  Dear Future, I am ready to work for the younger generation, so that their powers will be released for good.
Listen to the episode below 👇 🎧

About Ruurd Priester

Ruurd is a systems thinker/doer, a social entrepreneur and researcher, with many years in digital design, marketing, innovation and strategy. He is Co-Founder and strategist of Groundforce Studio, which developed the Doughnut Economics Action Lab website and platform. Ruurd is Co-Founder and Acting Chair of the Amsterdam Donut Coalitie, Co-Founder and strategist of Climate Cleanup, and a former Research Fellow at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science – where he is also leading the sustainability program re-set. Ruurd’s favorite motto is from Charles Eames: ‘eventually everything connects’.