Episode 12 – Ron Wakkary

An exciting new episode of the #21for21 podcast πŸš€  🌏  with Ron Wakkary, professor of design, author and chief of Future Everyday.

Ron talks with Marco and Carola about about human-centricity, posthumanist design and creative speculation.

  • 🎀  Design has a role to play, positively, but we have to reflect on how we arrived here and be mindful of the negative effects of design as well
  • 🎀  In my role as design educator, I believe we should really embrace pluralism. Students feel a stronger sense of urgency when thinking about what it means to be a designer and we should be very careful about thinking about just one way to educate.
  • 🎀  We need to not only speculate on the future, but especially on the here and now.
  • 🎀  Humility and generosity are important behaviours when thinking about what we are privileged to speculate on – it is the response that is generous.
  • 🎀  The shift to post-human is vital. What does it mean to design with. You pay attention to who else and what else, from with designers to even with bacterias .
  • 🎀  Dear Future, I am ready to discuss, learn and practice, how to design with, to better co-habit our more than human world. Design with the multiplicity of design with humans and non-humans, that make our world and to do that with humility, generosity and expansiveness.

Listen to the episode below πŸ‘‡ 🎧

About Ron Wakkary

Ron is a professor in design in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, at Simon Fraser University in Canada and professor and Chair of Design for More Than Human-Centered Worlds in the cluster Future Everyday at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Wakkary is the author of the book Things We Could Design for more than Human-Centered Worlds, a critical and creative speculation on posthumanist design.

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