Design Studio of the Future

The Northumbria University / Amsterdam University of Applied Science project on collaborative tools will explore new, innovative, unexpected combinations of communication protocols, hard- and software to facilitate the design studio of the future. We see what we today call design as a mesh-up of different disciplines that together aim to develop new strategies and approaches for our designed environment. This implicates a highly collaborative design process. Because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the circumstances for the design process changed. Much of the collaboration between the different design disciplines shifted towards online communication. This means an entire new paradigm of collaboration and communication tools is developing. This new approach has its inherent ethical challenges, problems and opportunities. The design studio of the future wants to contribute to this development by mixing old and new concepts and technologies. Because the project in itself is a collaborative effort of two design studios in Newcastle upon Tyne and Amsterdam, this implicates the design project is also a testbed for its prototypes.