Powering the first ever European Dual Career Toolkit with STARTING 11


How do you provide essential tools and implementation support for dual career services within sport, education and labour market organisations?


Dual career in the EU

Dual career programmes depend on the quality of implementation at professional levels close to the athlete. However, more than one third of the EU member states self-rate their status and development of support arrangements as negative (European Commission, 2017). Thus, there is a strong demand for better quality services that support high-level athletes in their career path. This is where the EU-funded project STARTING 11 comes into play.

Co-designed with the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and the Europe-wide dual career consultancy TW1N, STARTING 11 aims to stimulate dual career practice in the EU. In a multi-disciplinary approach, expert partners from 7 European countries create a broad set of tools for various areas of athlete support targeting dual career service providers in sport, education and the labour market.


Game-changing tools: multidisciplinary, pan-European, transformative

When it comes to implementation of dual career services at local, regional, even national level, there is a need for scalable, future-proof solutions. Such solutions can not only support the practice of dual career counselling, but also the spectrum of policy and research enabling it. To achieve such wide-reaching quality implementation, a coordinated effort across European borders, cultures and nationalities is required. A monumental transformation for which humane, diversity-focused design and the creative use of technology can prove instrumental.

This is where Digital Society School know-how has teamed up with the STARTING 11 expertise and ambition – we are working to power much needed dual career solutions. We are interconnecting experts from among others:

Learning experience

Education development

Service & UX design

Communication & Information technology

Sports management

Dual career


Storytelling & moving image production


First of its kind

Together we are developing the first ever European Dual Career Toolkit – an ecosystem of essential tools and best practices that help dual career stakeholders effectively and coherently implement athlete support services across the EU. We will be starting 2nd level testing in September, but in the meantime you can learn all about it at:


Looking for something more?

Interested to know how we approach digital transformation in top sports? Or perhaps you are interested in how you can join the STARTING11 network? We can tell you all about it over a coffee – online, or somewhere close to you in (socially-distanced) Europe.

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STARTING 11 is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Project reference:
Call for proposals 2018 (EAC/A05/2017),
Sport – Collaborative Partnerships