New publications: “5 Percent Piano” & “Digital Commensality”

Besides outreach to the general public and working closely with the various project partners, the D2P track has been busy bringing their work to the academic community as well. You can read up on their latest work in two new publications.

5 Percent Piano

Public pianos are a great way to stimulate creativity in public spaces. But sometimes they need a little bit of help. Dan Xu will present 5 Percent Piano, a digitally augmented public piano, at the Halfway to the Future symposium in Nottingham on November 19th. You can read more about 5 Percent Piano here.

Digital Commensality

What will the future hold for our 2030 dinner parties? In a new article published in Frontiers in Psychology Senior Track Associate Gijs Huisman, in collaboration with Professor Charles Spence (Oxford University) and Senior Lecturer Maurizio Mancini (University College Cork), gives insights into the role of technology at the dining table. You can read the open-access publication here.


Dan Xu and Gijs Huisman. 2019. 5 Percent Piano: An Augmented Piano with Playful Audio Response. In Proceedings of the Halfway to the Future Symposium 2019 (HTTF 2019), November 19–20, 2019, Nottingham, United Kingdom. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 4 pages.

Spence, C., Mancini, M., & Huisman, G. (2019). Digital commensality: Eating and drinking in the company of technology. Frontiers in Psychology: Human-Media Interaction.