New projects in September 2018

We will start with six exciting new projects in the Data Driven Transformation and Digital to Physical tracks. And we are looking for smart learners to join our teams!

So, do you…

tend to come up with tech solutions to every challenge you encounter?
like to dive deeply into a problem, get insights and transform ideas into reality?
believe that you can always look at things from a new perspective and learn from them?

Are you up for a challenge?

If you join the Digital Society School, you are committed to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with new skills, new approaches and working with people who might be very different from you. You will face complexity, uncertainty, and diversity. You will learn how to surf them in order to design better solutions for the business and society.

You are joining a learning community of people who are passionate about using technology and design to create solutions that transform society. You will work in an intercultural and interdisciplinary team with the purpose to learn together through creating together. You will be solving wicked problems and bringing ideas to life. You will learn how to build bridges between disciplines and connect ideas with insights.

You will have the opportunity to look at a real and complex problem from a systemic perspective, work with different stakeholders, and experiment with solutions that could transform society. You will learn how to use design thinking and innovation processes to explore and redefine the problem, to get to know your users, to generate ideas and prototype solutions. You will have the opportunity to play, collaborate, and experience the fine balance between chaos and order, autonomy and direction, connecting and creating.

Find out more about the new projects we will start in September and join us for our 20 weeks program!

For the Data Driven Transformation Track we will be working on:

  • Innovation Arena
  • Data driven healthcare
  • Energy transition

And for the Digital to Physical Track  we will be working on:

  • Campus community
  • Physical health
  • Money in the pocket