Fakebook: do you dare to sign up?

“Data is the new oil” is one of simple mantras for the modern world. It is said that the value of data has exceeded the value of oil in recent years and big technology companies have a huge influence on the world economy and politics through access to data. One challenge is peoples’ awareness on how our data is captured and used after “agreeing” to the terms and conditions.

The Augmented Printing team (Digital to Physical Track) has been exploring ways in which we share information with one another, either in print or in the digital realm. While getting information through print media is a relatively anonymous affair (think; reading the paper), digital media gather vast amounts of user data that can be shared across large networks.

To make individuals aware of the impact of data gathering during the use of digital media, the Augmented Printing team has created Fakebook; a login page that looks just like Facebook but that, unlike the social media giant, tries to inform users of the potential risks of using online digital media as a source of information.

You can try out Fakebook yourself here (don’t worry, its safe, we promise!).

Disclaimer: Obviously Fakebook is fake, and does not save or record any data. It was designed as a provocative research prototype to make people aware of the risks of data gathering practices. It is in no way affiliated with Facebook.