Energiser Workbook First Edition (free download)

The Digital Society School’s first energiser workbook is online! Thanks to all learners from the Fall2018 semester who contributed by creating amazing and wacky energisers!

But what is an energiser? An energizer is an energy-booster. It is commonly used as an ice-breaker to loosen up to the people around you and get to know them by playful interaction. In a working environment, it can be used to clear everybody’s heads of negative energy and take a break. Energizers play a vital part in the SCREAM methodology developed by the Digital Society School and are a great way to create a community and safe working environment.

Use them for:
clearing the head,
an ice-breaker,
an energy boost,
& goofing around.

Are you interested in playing an energiser?
Come to one of our energiser events during Outburst on the 2nd and 3rd of July!

Download the Energiser workbook here