UXcampAMS is a one day, free to attend nonprofit event. Now in its fifth year, we bring together a community of UXers from Amsterdam and beyond for a day of knowledge sharing, learning, and discussions on User Experience and related disciplines. Whether your focus is on Information architecture, interaction and visual design, service design, content strategy, user psychology or UX research, UXcampAMS is an event you cannot afford to miss.

UXcampAMS is based on a BarCamp format where attendees set the agenda and create the content.

All attendees are offered a chance to lead a 45-minute presentation, discussion or workshop (we suggest 35 mins for the session + 10 minutes for Q&A). As a potential presenter, you will pitch your session in the morning during the “Madness Session”. These pitches should be clear and to the point, lasting no more than 30 seconds. We can get pretty strict on that. Last year we even had a gong….so you’ve been warned!

Example of a pitch card

Right after your pitch, the audience will ‘vote’ on your proposal by raising their hands to show interest, allowing the organisers to make a schedule for the day by assigning time slots and locations for the sessions.

After the schedules are finalised, breakout sessions will commence. There will be two rounds of sessions before the lunch break scheduled for 13:00. After lunch, there will be a further three rounds of sessions. The day will end with a few closing words from the organisers and an after party to have a drink or two with your fellow attendees.


The key themes of UXcampAMS are involvement, inclusion, community and learning. Everyone is a participant and even if you are not presenting, your contribution to the sessions and assisting us with the organisation of the event is greatly appreciated.

During sessions, we encourage participation and engagement. This could include asking relevant and smart questions to presenters, sharing your experiences and insights on the topic, active participation in a discussion or assisting workshop leaders to set up their sessions.


9:00 – Registration
9:30 – Welcome & Madness Session
11:00 – Round 1, Round 2
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Round 3, Round 4, Round 5
17:00 – Closing
18:00 – Drinks & After Party

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