Technology and nature meetup

Join us to dive into the world of Technology and nature. Together with Psych-IT Thijs Pepping we welcome you to an evening on the impact technology has on our urban nature.

Trekking through a mountain landscape, walking in a beautiful green forest, or listening to the waves crashing gently on the beach. Many people associate nature with feelings of peacefulness and being at ease, it almost seems like a universal feeling. And yet nature is sometimes so far away from our daily activities. What does this mean for our psyche? How does nature actually relate to technology, are they opposites or can they complement each other? And why does looking at a babbling brook feel so different compared to looking at a never-ending social media feed? 

In the fourth Psych-IT meetup we go on an exploration. Menno van Doorn, Director of the Sogeti Research Institute for the Analysis of New Technology, and Mariana Pinheiro, graduate Digital Transformation Designer of Digital Society School take us on an adventure. They bundle their investigations and insights into two beautiful stories about Nature, Tech, and Psychology. Curious? You can register now!


18:50| virtual walk-in
19:00| interviews with Mariana Pinheiro and Menno van Doorn
20:00| closing

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