Paper presentation at Internet of Toys pre-conference

Tamara Pinos Cisneros, Intruments Developer and PhD Candidate at DSS, will be presenting the results of the study “Co-creating hybrid toys as an approach to understand children’s needs in play experience” at the Internet of Toys pre-conference which will take place the 6th of March in Manchester, UK.

Using hybrid toys to deliver physical therapy is an innovative way to engage children in personalized healthcare, but we need to understand their needs in their digital-physical play experience to be able to effectively design these toys. In this explorative study we used a co-creation prototyping workshop to better understand our target group (children between 7 and 12 years old). The aims of this workshop were to understand what type of features children like in toys, which themes they are interested in, which type of play is engaging, and how they would use the technology. We asked the participants to reflect on what they like most about play, while building a prototype and discussing the rationale behind their actions.