Online keynote: A Redesign of Society’s Digital Transformation

Join the online (free) keynote by our co-founder Marco van Hout at the SPINUP Innovation Summit (ONLINE!).


The ever growing omni-presence of digitisation in the world has recently been heating up discussions among policy-makers, economists and industry leaders about its societal impact.

As digital transformation is disrupting society more profoundly, concerns are growing about its effects on matters such as jobs, inequality, health/ wellbeing, economic prosperity and security/ safety.

In the light of the recent developments, digital transformation has even accelerated more. However, you might debate whether this acceleration is benefiting or harming the quality of the transformation.

The digital transformation and its accompanying technologies in itself are neutral. Therefore we should not forget that we (as a society) are responsible for the ‘design’ of the digital transformation that we need and want.

We have the opportunity to create shared value that can lead to increased benefits for all actors taking part in digital transformation, especially in the light of the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) by the year 2030.

The World Economic Forum recently called for a comprehensive set of regulatory standards, physical infrastructure, and digital systems, to capture the benefits of the digital revolution for the SDG’s.

In order to design the digital transformation aimed at a truly sustainable society, we need to organise ourselves differently, change our mindset and train ourselves with the right competencies to become ‘digital transformation designers’, a new bread of leaders in a digital world.

In this talk, Marco van Hout will introduce you to the vision behind Digital Society School, the place where we train tomorrow’s and today’s leaders of a responsible, sustainable, digitally transformed society.