NewSchool Perspectives #2 – Soft skills

Employers in the digital sector are more and more looking for people with soft skills. People that are skilled in their profession, but can also work together, network, negotiate and communicatie. Oops. Indeed these are not the strongest skills most of IT’ers master. So, what now?

On the 28th of August the initiators of Newschool organises a work session about this subject. Educational institutions and experts gather to debate about the importance of soft skills and how to develop them in education ánd working spaces.

  • When: Wednesday 28 August 2019
  • Time: 16.00 tot 17.30 uur
  • Location: to be decided (check website Marineterrein)
  • Speaking language: mostly Dutch
  • Organisation: IJsfontein, Digital Society School, Bit Academy
  • NewSchool is initiated by TechConnect in collaboration with Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam


  • Panel discussion with three experts. What are soft skills and why are they needed so badly? What soft skills are important for the future?
  • Live assessment. Three different generations are being assessed on their soft skills. Are there any differences?
  • Panel discussion with educationalists. Education in a digital era: is that something like OldSchool versus NewSchool? In what sense are soft skills teached right now?
  • Discussion with entrepreneurs about the development of soft skills of employees (Oracle, Defensie and The City of Amsterdam).


Invite only

This event is on invitation only. If you like to attend, please sign up here.