Learning Experience Design Conference 2019

Digital Society School is proud to co-host and co-programme this relevant conference about the growing field of Learning Experience Design.

We all seek to learn from experiences that have a lasting, positive impact on ourselves and the world around us. But how do you design such an impactful learning experience?

That’s what we are going debate, discover and design during the fourth annual learning experience design conference. Join members from the gobal LX design community on March 20, 21 and 22 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for another memorable conference.

What to expect:

Wednesday March 20
Learning experience design masterclass by Niels Floor
After last years’ sold out masterclass we are excited to anounce the LX design masterclass is back. Get hands on with the core concepts of learning experience design under the guidance of LX design pioneer Niels Floor.

Seats are limited!

Thursday March 21
A festival of learning where we explore learning experience design in all it’s diversity. Make your own seletion of talks, design sessions and experiences for a personal and powerful learning journey.

Firday March 22
The second day of LXDCON is going to build on what we’ve learned on the first day. Choose from a variety of activities and play an active role in the application and development of learning experience design.