Global Goals Jam

The challenges before us are so complex that no single discipline, mindset, or expertise will be able to solve them. To address social challenges globally, we need to collaborate and learn from local ideas that are being developed across the globe.

To collaborate, we need to engage in a way that goes beyond talking, towards making and creating, in a space for people from all backgrounds who bring in their local knowledge, ensuring a bottom-up, grassroots approach.

This is why we started the Jam: a 2-day event to engage makers and designers to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by creating short-term interventions with long-term impact. More than an event, it is a network of cities and organisations that are excited to engage their local communities to create real impact for the Global Goals. 

Local organisers – ranging from universities and design labs to NGOs or consultancies – can apply to host a Jam. Together with partners from the local industry they co-design challenges related to one or more of the selected global themes. We provide them with a toolkit and online training to guide the design process.


Each year, we choose a theme in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the Global Goals Jam (GGJ) community to work on. In 2023, we are calling on creative communities in cities around the world to take action to protect and restore natural habitats. We encourage creative minds to think about how our cities can be not only the source of problems when it comes to biodiversity but also a key to rebuilding it.

To see all global locations that are Jamming this year, and for more information on the global event, see: www.globalgoalsjam.org

Amsterdam Jam
This year, the Amsterdam event will be hosted by The Green Office.

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