(Dis)comfort Zone Chats Vol.1 – Impostor Syndrome

We often hear that growth happens in the areas of friction and discomfort. This process of personal transformation and change demands us to step out of our bubbles and at times encounter obstacles before achieving our goals.

During our (Dis)comfort Zone Chats, we will tackle the topics that we face on our career paths and see how we can make the process slightly less daunting. We will invite our DSS alumni (ex-trainees, partners, digital transformation designers and colleagues) on stage for an engaging conversation and discussion with everyone afterward over some drinks.

On May 8, our very first edition of this event will focus on the impostor syndrome topic. We will look into this phenomenon through the prism of individual experiences and explore how we tackle the impostor syndrome from the perspective of systemic change. After all, it’s not about fixing individuals, but fixing the systems we’re part of.

So, let’s together find comfort in our discomfort, share our experiences and ready ourselves for the future!

The speaker lineup will be announced in the 3rd week of April.