Design 4 Digital: What can design do for digital innovations and startups?

Design & design thinking seem to be the mega-buzz-words of our times, nevertheless the specific effects and concrete values of design seem too often unknown and thus still underestimated outside the design community.

The World Design Organization Networking event at the Digital Hub in Bonn, Germany, aims to transfer concrete design benefits to startups and professionals in the digital economy.

The program offers insights into the value-added of design to digital business models and viceversa into design requirements and needs of startups, followed by a meet & match opportunity for digital and design professionals. To set the agenda WDO Community Liaison and DSS Head of Programs, Marco van Hout, will speak about the big picture of skills and skills sharing in the digital society.

“Design for Digital“ wants to contribute its share to the digital change in Germany.

Join us to meet exciting startups and international experts from the design and digital world alike. Discover the potentials of a great networking experience in one of the leading IT-regions in Germany and its Digital Hub at the Bonner Bogen!